Stream Dialog makes content in a video clickable and whenever a viewer wants to know more about something he sees in a video, only one click is required to bring descriptive information.

Video, created and published with use of Stream Dialog technology, gives new ways of interacting with content,
increases level of interest and engagement.
Interactive videos created with use of Stream Dialog can be published on any website or a blog, including full integration with major social networks such as Facebook.

Previously published content can be dynamically edited and automatically updated on the fly.

Stream Dialog analytics provides full report on how viewers interact with video content.
Use it to better understand behavioral insight of your viewers and increase effectiveness of video content.

Brand video player to match your color scheme and/or create a personal landing page which can be fully integrated with your personal website,

Promote advertising video online.
Distribute your video content to millions of users in
the blink of an eye!

Increase brand awareness
Advertising on the most popular websites and in prominent places on those websites reaches large numbers of video viewers and leads to greater brand awareness.

Reach higher viewer engagement level
Make it interesting for viewers to spend more time with your video content and explore additional information.

Achieve higher conversion rates
Using interactive promo video content makes it is easy to boost the number of visitors to your website and positively influence amount of direct sales.

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Stream Dialog is a strategic partner of Kiosked which turns any online content into a marketplace by bringing relevant Kiosks to the consumer – wherever on the web he is.

On Kiosks, consumers can purchase or receive further information on anything they see online. Kiosks are indicated by Kiosked icons and provide consumers with instant access to product information.